About the KLBA


About Key Largo Bicycle Association(KLBA):


The KLBA was established to make bicycling in the keys a better experience.  It fulfills that purpose by addressing safety concerns for cyclists, working with businesses and individuals to keep our bike paths clean, events that raise community awareness, and marketing Key Largo as a bicycling destination.

Who oversees KLBA?:

The KLBA is an appointed by the Legendary Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.  It was established by Chairman Dawn DeBrule (Nov. 2012) and reports monthly to the Board of Directors.

Who can join the KLBA?:

Any locals who express enthusiasm or interest in making our community a healthier, safer, and active bicycling area.  The association meets once a month privately.  If you would like to be a part of KLBA’s decision making process, please contact the Key Largo Chamber president Craig Cope by email at president@keylargochamber.org

What is the KLBA working on in 2013?

  1. Launching our “Trail Friendly Zones” campaign
  2. Volunteering and advocating for Dagny Johnson Trail Proposal
  3. Turning Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center into a Trail Head for Overseas Heritage Trail expansion
  4. Providing easy to reach, good information for tourists looking to cycle in Key Largo area
  5. Hosting events that raise community awareness for cyclists in area.

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